Proudest moment at work yesterday: changed the dressing on my patient’s foot wound, and the doctor said I did beautiful work.

I love cleaning out my closet; I keep finding treasures that I forgot I had.
Although I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be getting rid of things, not just finding a reason for things to stay.
On the upside, I totally found alcohol that I forgot I had.

Just a bunch of gorgeous people as my lockscreen wallpaper.

Just a bunch of gorgeous people as my lockscreen wallpaper.

I love fanfiction, especially really good ones about my OTPs that make me feel better…but I really have to learn to stop reading them while I’m at the gym.
The smut I can handle, but the adorableness, I just can’t pokerface that shit.

Whenever I need to feel better, I watch the first Dragoon the Great scene from Merlin. Cracks me up every time.

And the fact that Arthur recognizes Merlin by his eyes

"I’ve decided to treat this like that test they give you on the first day of class. You don’t always pass; it’s just a way to tell where you are in the material and what you need to work on."

"I hope that, whenever you look at your favorite book, you think of me and what we could have had."

I know I said I could handle this, the not being able to talk everyday, the not seeing each other for several weeks at a time…but some days, I really don’t know. My head is so clouded with doubt, and I wish so much that you could just make that go away.

Some days, I just don’t know what to do or what to think or even how to feel.

I can’t decide between Aladdin and Hercules shirts.

If I choose Hercules, his would say, “Her Hero”, and mine would say “His Damsel (NOT in distress)”.

If I choose Aladdin, his would say “Her Thief”, and mine would say “His Princess”.


Hi, my name is Katrina and I want to take stupid cute jerk’s disney world virginity and make stupid cute couple shirts to commemorate the moment.

So we had a really good talk last night. He’s getting pretty good at the reassuring thing, and we’re on the same page about everything.
I know it’s gonna be hard, and there’s a lot of obstacles to overcome, but I think it’s gonna work.

I don’t need a lot. I don’t need big, grand, expensive things. I just need the little things, words or gestures showing me how he feels every once in a while, reassuring me, telling me not to give up on this.

I wish he knew that, no matter what happens, no matter what I say or do, he should fight for me. I wish he would fight for me, even if it’s against me sometimes.

I wish I knew how to not overthink and feel insecure about everything.

Sometimes I wonder if obstacles are actually tests meant to measure strength and worth, or signs that something isn’t meant to be.

So I gave him a call, left a voicemail, and then he called me back, but I missed his call, so now I have an incredibly cute voicemail to listen to when I need to hear his voice. :D